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Friday, June 27, 2014

Decatur Hall of Fame

The Decatur Hall of Fame
Decatur Illinois

(plaques on display at Decatur Civic Center)

New 2014 Inductees:

Paul Osborne
"Ordained Minister, Editor & Publisher of the Decatur Tribune, Mayor of the City of Decatur from 2003-2008 and tireless promoter for the City.  His leadership and commitment to delivering truth through the printed word has inspired us all."

William "Bill" Eichenauer
"Beloved Millikin University supporter and graduate, avid student of life, successful entrepreneur and champion for small business and the arts, his lifelong dedication to Decatur helped to make us a better community."

Previous Inductees:

Frank M. Lindsay
"Publisher and newspaper owner, Decatur native, 11th of 12 children and leader in the initiation of city planning, urban development and the United Way."

Robert Faries
"An inventor, industrialist, philanthropist, and lover of nature who donated Faries Park to the Public of Decatur beginning the Decatur Park District as we know it today."

Sister Jane Like OSF
"Hospital administrator, loyal community leader who devoted her talent and energy to give Decatur one of our most valued assets - the present St. Mary's Hospital (dedicated in 1961)."

Eva Kirkland
"Chairman of the Board of Irwin, Nelsler, and Company, Inc., community leader and benefactor to Decatur in health care, education and fine arts."

Hieronymus Mueller
"Founder of the Mueller Company, and automotive pioneer, inventor and developer of hundreds of products for controlling the flow of water and natural gas."

James Millikin
"Prominent banker and founder of Millikin University who continues to be a benefactor to Decatur through the Millikin Trust."

Thomas W. Samuels
"A gentleman, a scholar, a lawyer's lawyer, a man in constant search of knowledge, a civic leader who served the cause of health care and human relations for over 60 years."

Charles Martin Borchers
"Twice mayor of Decatur, elected to Congress (1912), a distinguished lawyer and public servant who led the effort to create Lake Decatur."

Robert Lewis Shade
"A humanitarian and a dedicated civic leader, a catalyst in advertising the causes of education, human relations, youth and volunteerism."

Dr. William Barnes
"An outstanding physician who gave everything at his disposal to relieve suffering.  Decatur Memorial Hospital stands as a monument to this ideal."

A. E. Staley, Sr.
"Resourceful and risk-taking founder of A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company, a pioneer in grain processing in the early 20th century."

Howard C. Schaub
"A prominent Decatur businessman and respected civic leader, Mr. Schaub was the first president of Decatur Newspapers, Inc., a champion of beginning the Decatur Park District, a leader in creating Decatur's water supply, Art Institute, United Way, Boy Scouts, and buildings for the YMCA and YWCA."

Warren E. Myers
"Macon County Farm Advisor, 4-H and youth advocate, whose innovative programs helped both rural and urban residents understand the business of agriculture, challenging them 'to make the best better'."

Mrs. Anna Waters
"A citizen before her time who established community clubs, stressed voting rights and pre-school education, whose mission in life was to help those needing a 'helping hand' improve their existence."

Mrs. Sue Hagaman
"A Macon County resident and community leader who devoted her life to the creation of what is now Decatur Memorial Hospital, the first hospital in Decatur where babies could be born."

Purvis Francis Tabor
"A leader in the field of business and a great benefactor to the educational and medical institutions of Decatur."

Richard James Oglesby
"Three-time Governor of Illinois, state and U.S. Senator, Civil War General, he nicknamed his good friend Abe Lincoln the 'railsplitter', and worked to make Illinois the first state to ratify the 13th amendment prohibiting slavery."

Gary K. Anderson
"People dream of making a difference, Gary realized that dream.  His mark is everywhere in the community.  He was a person the likes of whom seldom pass our way."

F. Merrill Lindsay
"A national leader in both electronic and print media.  An extraordinary community leader and philanthropist making advances in education and health care possible."

Guy N. Scovill
Rose Warnecke Scovill
"Mr. and Mrs. Scovill, prominent business leaders and philanthropists, made a lifetime of major gifts to educational, religious and charitable organizations in Decatur.  Best remembered for generous benefactions to Millikin University and the Decatur Park District with a perpetual trust established for the maintenance and upkeep of Scovill Gardens and the Scovill Golf Course.  Another permanent reminder of their generosity is the statue of Commodore Stephen Decatur on the grounds of the Civic Center."

Norman E. Russell
"He brought the minds, the money and the hearts of many of the best leaders in business, industry and labor into service for the community.  His message was: 'You have a responsibility to your community'."