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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finders Flea Market

This past weekend marked the opening of the season for FINDERS FLEA MARKET, held on the grounds of Progress City USA, directly north of Richland Community College.

If you missed this weekend, pictures from the flea market are below.

Dates for the remainder of 2015 (June, September, October) are:

City Limitless

Something big?

Yeah, something REALLY big!

"Imagine a place, a place that breaks city limits. That brings people outdoors to eat, shop and explore. Where music bounces off walls and fills the street. A place where children can find adventure and imagination can blossom. Careers are vast and nature is breathtaking. There is investment, growth, arts, and eateries. Can you see it? It’s a transformation. Risks are being taken and boundaries are being crossed. Collaboration- connectivity- innovation. Rich with history- plentiful resources. Here,  tomorrow is not just a possibility- but a promise. A success story in the making every day. Going beyond the confines of city limits and county lines. We are Decatur & Macon County and we are City Limitless."

Find out much, much more about Decatur and the City Limitless drive/initiative/campaign at:

And catch the incredibly cool "City Limitless" video on YouTube:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jim Hill Decatur Art

We came across a great collection of Decatur-themed artwork.

Artist is Jim Hill.

From the website:
Jim Hill is a photographer from Springfield, IL.  His style pays tribute to Wyn Bullock.  He uses infrared film to create many of his images and is currently working in a surrealist manner.


(Note:  some of this artwork contains an image of a nude female backside)





Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hockeyville Celebration

Nothing since the WSOY Community Food Drive last October ( has united the Decatur and Macon County community like the Kraft Hockeyville USA contest did this Spring.

And although Decatur finished in 2nd place, we have absolutely nothing to be sad about.  Our community is strong.  Hold your heads high, Decatur.  We'll come back at them harder and stronger next year!

(photo credits:  Decatur Youth Hockey Association, Decatur Herald & Review,