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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Memory Lane 18

Enjoy this next collection (#18) of various memories/history of Decatur Illinois.

And remember, if you have any pictures that you'd like to share with others here on Picture Decatur, e-mail those to mattandcorrie "at" yahoo "dot" com.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Decatur Baseball

With Major League Baseball pitchers and catchers now reporting to 2016 Spring Training, we thought a feature of some baseball players who were born and/or raised in Decatur Illinois would be appropriate.  

Here are 16 of them..........

Boom-Boom Beck (debuted in 1924)

Chuck Dressen (debuted in 1925)

Harry East (debuted way back in 1882)

Hobie Landrith (debuted in 1950)

Del Unser (debuted in 1968)

Dan Porter (debuted in 1951)

Fred T. Long (debuted in 1920)
** he was the first African-American graduate of Millikin University

Art Scharein (debuted in 1932)

George Scharein (debuted in 1937)

and finally.........

Roe Skidmore, who is one of very few professional ball players to retire with a perfect batting average:

and 1 more Decatur-related baseball item:

featuring the minor league baseball teams of Decatur

TAGS: Bill Madlock, baseball, minor league, Brian Snitker, Jeff Innis, Matt Smith, Fred T. Long, Kevin Roberson, Scharein, Kevin Koslofski, Roe Skidmore, Chicago Cubs, John Clifford, Dressen, Landrith, Unser

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Memory Lane 17

Enjoy this next collection of Decatur memories.......

TAGS: Nelson Park, Tom McNamara, Irish Stew, Sav-a-Bond, Leader Iron Works, Illinois Central, Wabash Depot, Caterpillar, A W Cash, Pan-American Motors, Ken Overlin, First Methodist Church, Firestone, Decatur Milling

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Decatur Radio Links

Taking a break from posting pictures in order to highlight the set of great community-minded radio stations that we have here in Decatur Illinois.


Neuhoff Media
95Q WDZQ (95.1) FM
Hot 105.5 FM
Y103 (102.9 FM)
WSOY 1340 AM
ESPN 1050 AM


THE CROMWELL GROUP!decatur-illinois/c1acp
Talk 101 FM (100.9) WZUS
Jack 105.1 FM
93.1 FM The Party
Magic 95.5 FM
Griz 98.1 FM
The Fox 106.7 FM WZNX
The Game 93.5 FM


WNLD New Life Radio
(Illinois Bible Institute)
WNLD 88.1 FM


Millikin University
WJMU 89.5


Decatur Catholic Radio
WDCR 88.9

TAGS: radio station, Neuhoff Media, NowDecatur, WDZQ, WSOY, Cromwell Group, WZUS, The Party, The Fox, WZNX, New Life Radio, WNLD, WJMU, millikin university, WDCR, Catholic

Friday, February 5, 2016

Memory Lane 16

Enjoy this collection (#16) of random Decatur Illinois memories.......

TAGS: Baldwin, Bens Barn, Bill Madlock, Caterpillar, Chaps, Chicago Cubs, Greiders, Groves, Jazz Festival, joyland, Lloyd Disher, Masons, memory lane, millikin university, MU, Potawatomi, roller skate, Scotts Cafe,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Peoria Decatur and Evansville RR

Alllllllll Aboarrrrrrrd !!!!!

Here's an interesting old map showing all the stations on what use to be the PEORIA, DECATUR & EVANSVILLE RAILROAD.

and another relic -- 1882:

TAGS: train, railroad, Peoria Decatur and Evansville, rail station, map, historical map,