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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hockeyville Title Is In Sight

This afternoon, it was announced that Decatur has reached the championship round of the 2015 Kraft Hockeyville USA contest.

This is HUGE for the hockey kids of Decatur folks.  If/when Decatur wins, it'll mean $150,000 for sorely-needed facility upgrades at the Civic Center.

Starting this Monday (April 27), and running for 3 days, Decatur needs your vote!  Details on how to vote are below.

Transfer House Update

There's a new April 2015 update on the interior of the Transfer House......

Sounds like enough is being done to maintain the structural integrity of the landmark, but there's still much to be done in order to restore the building for future generations.

And to bring everyone up-to-speed..... a story from December 2012 regarding Transfer House renovations:

Side note:
Here are more Transfer House photos from previous Picture Decatur posts:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Scovill Gardens in the Spring

Here's a collection of photos from Scovill Gardens as the beautiful greenery wakes up for another season of charm.

(photos taken 4/23/2015)

Thank you Guy and Rose for your beautiful gift...... given to all of us.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Link of the Week: Millikinect

It looks like the last time we featured a "LINK OF THE WEEK" (LOTW) here on Picture Decatur was way back on December 5.

Meaning 2 things.....
- We probably need to call this something other than LOTW, since a new post featuring a cool Decatur-related link isn't actually being made each "WEEK"
- It's time to feature a new link !!!




"Welcome to Millikinect, a site run by students of Millikin University, for students of Millikin University. This site is not affiliated with Millikin and is a student-project for the course Communication 351: Social Media Writing."

Instructor for the course is Michael Braun.

My 2 cents......
Even though Millikinect is "for students", the posts are well-written, relevant, and quite entertaining.

There are posts made regularly on topics related to all Decatur residents, such as these recent ones:
- 3 Places that Every Decaturite Should Visit
- Decatur's Top 5 Places to Walk, Run, or Bike
- Decatur Police Department Community Relations
- Top 3 Valentine's Day Restaurants in Decatur

It's great stuff.  Check out Millikinect.

(side note:  Millikin's Communications Department is also responsible for WJMU 89.5 FM;  find out more about the station here:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Franklin St. Streetscape

The "Streetscape" project in downtown Decatur continues, with crews now working on Franklin Street:

Wonder if these 2 mature trees across Franklin from the Stephen Decatur statue will survive?

last updated 4/15/2015