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Friday, August 15, 2014

Decatur Baseball: Fans Field and More

Here's a collection of photos from Decatur's baseball past, starting with the Commodores and Fans Field (1927-1974).  Fans Field was located on the southeast corner of Garfield and Woodford Streets.

demolition in 1975

Fans Field Today.....

looking northeast towards 2nd base

looking southeast towards home plate

looking northwest towards home plate

And don't forget there was also baseball played on Staley Field (1915-1923):

It is believed that the field was located on the northwest corner of Eldorado and 22nd Streets, near where the Staley Viaduct is today.


  1. Painful! DPD Knothole Gang --

    GREAT website Matt

  2. As a kid growing up in Peoria I was jealous of Decatur because they had minor league baseball. Drove me nuts. I saw Fans Field once before it was demolished, but the memories have faded - it's great to see this page!


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