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Saturday, May 30, 2015

City Limitless

Something big?

Yeah, something REALLY big!

"Imagine a place, a place that breaks city limits. That brings people outdoors to eat, shop and explore. Where music bounces off walls and fills the street. A place where children can find adventure and imagination can blossom. Careers are vast and nature is breathtaking. There is investment, growth, arts, and eateries. Can you see it? It’s a transformation. Risks are being taken and boundaries are being crossed. Collaboration- connectivity- innovation. Rich with history- plentiful resources. Here,  tomorrow is not just a possibility- but a promise. A success story in the making every day. Going beyond the confines of city limits and county lines. We are Decatur & Macon County and we are City Limitless."

Find out much, much more about Decatur and the City Limitless drive/initiative/campaign at:

And catch the incredibly cool "City Limitless" video on YouTube:

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