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Friday, May 10, 2013


Hello, and thanks for visiting "Picture Decatur", a photo blog featuring the great City of Decatur.

Some reminders....
1) comments can be left at the bottom of each post in the "ADD A COMMENT" box;  you are encouraged to provide your feedback with regard to the photos featured in that post.... especially if you have memories to share of any of the areas/buildings featured;  leaving your name is optional.... if you don't want to, please select the "ANONYMOUS" option in the drop-down box

2) the "SEND FEEDBACK" link at the very bottom of each post will connect you with BLOGSPOT, not with me;  if you want to contact me, please e-mail mattandcorrie "AT" yahoo "DOT" com

3) you can subscribe to this blog, so that you receive an e-mail to alert you any time there is a new post;  to do so, click on the black "SUBSCRIBE" box on the right side of the screen

4) you can modify the look/layout of this blog to a variety of options, which are listed across the bar near the top of the screen

5) you can click on any picture to view a larger version;  you are free to use the photos in any fashion that you wish

6) PLEASE help spread the word (twitter, facebook, etc.) about "Picture Decatur", so that others will know about what's being done here;  especially former Decaturites who now live out of town... I'm sure many of them would love to see what's taking place in our/their city

Thanks again for visiting, and enjoy the pictures!


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