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Monday, July 29, 2013

Old Photos #3

Here's another collection of miscellaneous Decatur photos from years past.

Be sure to scroll see SET 1 and SET 2 as well.

speedboat races on Lake Decatur

Landmark Mall dolphins (downtown)

bears in Fairview Park

Decatur Commodores (c. 1940)

Fan's Field


Staley Pump House  (still located on north side of Route 36 bridge across Lake Decatur)

( these photos have been collected from a variety of sources, both on the internet and from personal collections. )


  1. Loved your pics of the bears at Fairview Park and Joyland. Loved going to both places as a child when visiting my grandparents.

    1. Thanks Joe. I always enjoy hearing from those who visit the PICTURE DECATUR blog. More old pictures will be posted soon.


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