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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery
606 South Church Street
Decatur Illinois 

some facts about the Greenwood:
- On March 3, 1857, the Greenwood Cemetery Association was established & the cemetery was incorporated into the city of Decatur
- By the early 1950's, the Cemetery was in very poor condition, due to mismanagement and lack of funds to keep the grounds maintained
- In 1957, ownership and oversight of the Cemetery was given to the City of Decatur and Decatur Township
- The large Greenwood Mausoleum in the heart of the cemetery was built in 1908 and torn down in 1967
- The Cemetery is the final resting place of numerous Civil War soldiers, many of them Confederates in unmarked graves

Greenwood Mausoleum, demolished 1967
Barrackman Steps

Benjamin Schenck, Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor recipient

David Shellabarger, Decatur merchant

Hieronymus Mueller, businessman and inventor

James Millikin, founder of Millikin University

Jaqueline Logan, star of silent motion pictures

Jesse Moore, U.S. Congressman

Lemuel Holland, Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor recipient

Robert Faries, businessman & inventor

Rolla Coral McMillen, U.S. Congressman
Ansel Tupper, Civil War Lieutenant Colonel (Union), killed at Battle of Shiloh

Guy Scovill, businessman & philanthropist

Scovill Tomb, 1953

Miscellaneous shots from the Greenwood:

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