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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Staley Club House (pumphouse)

Situated on the north side of the Route 36 bridge in Decatur Illinois, the Staley Club House (pumphouse) is today just a decrepit shadow of its former glory.

looking West from the Eastern shore of Lake Decatur

looking East from Lakeshore Drive (West side of Lake Decatur)


..... and Now


  1. The picture with the group of men in front of the clubhouse must be from the club's initial opening. The man wearing the cap and black suit is (I think) the plant's original General Superintendent, George Chamberlain. To the right, with his hand in his pocket and a straw boater in the other, is a very young A.E. Staley, Jr (aka Gus). The reason I think it's from the opening in 1920 is Chamberlain's weight. Although once a thin man, by 1923 Chamberlain had gained about 50 pounds and was quite rotund. Gus must have been home for the summer, as he didn't graduate from Wharton School of Business and join the company until about 1924.

  2. Our Grandmother went to a few dances there and said it was really pretty inside...anyone have any pics?

  3. It is far from pretty inside now...

  4. Wow, I live right near there. Kinda crazy to see it so pristine

  5. I wanna go inside it


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