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Friday, July 18, 2014

New Mini Golf at Overlook Adventure

In July 2014, the new miniature golf course at Nelson Park called "Overlook Adventure" opened to the public.

The Decatur Park District has done a fantastic job at bringing a world-class putt-putt course to Decatur.  Check out the beautiful facility....

opening soon!  along with CherryBerry

Shots of Nelson Park in Fall 2013 when this facility was under construction:  HERE

Shots of the old Nelson Clubhouse that was demolished to make room for this new development:  HERE

Shots of Paul's Puttin' Place course (Nelson Park) that was closed after the 2013 season:  HERE

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  1. Cutsie minigolf perfect for twelve years and under. I took three of my grandkids and they had a great time. On the other hand, I came away sorely disappointed and wondering why an adult who likes to play minigolf would want to go back. What's up with the irregular stones lining the playfield? The best strategy I found was to never bank. lt is impossible! If we adults don't like playing the course who is going to bring the kids to play? Who designed and who approved the design? The same group that decided the new, mostly vacant, docks in front of the Beach House should be stationary. Seriously, Monte Calhoun


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