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Friday, October 16, 2015

Men Wearing Pink

Year #9 of the "Real Men Wear Pink" (RMWP) Campaign here in Decatur and Macon County is well-underway.

Sponsor of the campaign is HSHS St. Mary's Hospital with partners: Maverik Marketing, Neuhoff Media, WSOY-AM, ESPN Decatur, and WAND-TV.

Read more about the campaign on these 2 sites:

There is also a Facebook page where stories and photos are being shared:


Men..... all of us owe it to the women in our lives (mother, wife, girlfriend, grandma, aunt, sister, daughter, etc.) to speak-up and be supportive of women's health issues.

In this case, encourage your loved ones to not be ashamed, afraid, or complacent about getting their yearly mammogram screening.

It is a simple procedure that can save a life and/or years of painful treatments.

Be a man!
Stand up, speak up, and wear pink.

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