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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Running Decatur

One of the last 5K runs of 2015 in Decatur was held today:

First time ever that the pavement of the picturesque Greenwood Cemetery has been used for a running event.

That leaves just a pair of Decatur 5K's remaining before year-end:

Another new event debuting in 2015.

Running around the lighted runways of Decatur Airport..... sounds like a very interesting thing to put on the "yeah, I've done that" list.

And this one, which has been around for years........


The members of the Decatur Running Club play a big role in helping sponsor and/or staff many of Decatur's 5K events.

Find out more about the DRC here:

And here's a good write-up from the re:Decatur site awhile back:

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